Group Introduction

Meaning of hongci LOGO


Moral: remember the Geneva declaration and cherish medical care

On the occasion of my profession as a physician, I solemnly swear to die in the service of mankind


· I sincerely admire and appreciate the teachers and friends who teach me

· I will practice medicine with my conscience and dignity

· I must put the patient's health and life in the first place

· I will keep strictly all the secrets that the patient confides, and will never divulge them

· I will do everything in my power to uphold the honor and noble tradition of the medical profession

· I treat my colleagues like brothers

· I will not allow my obligations to patients to be interfered with by any considerations of race, nationality, religion, political party, political or social status

· Human life, from the beginning of its gestation, to maintain the highest respect

· Even under threat, I would never use my medical knowledge to violate humanity

Hongci medical group is a professional medical investment holding group with CITICPE and other famous domestic and foreign investors as shareholders.

By reforming state-owned enterprise hospitals, cooperating with local government and public hospital, building new hospitals, and acquisition of high-quality private hospitals etc., Hongci group invests, operates and manages large general hospitals and specialized hospitals.

At present, Hongci Group has arranged nearly 60 medical institutions nationwide, with more than 10000 beds.

It has formed a group industrial layout centered on the general hospital, which integrates the development of women and children specialty, nephrology specialty, material dependence and mental rehabilitation specialty and other multi specialty platforms.



Hongci medical group has been actively engaged in the reform of the national medical and health system, making full use of the advantages of market-oriented operation mechanism, distributing rapidly anddeeply cultivating the key areas, constantly expanding the industrial scale, forming regional cluster configuration, gradually building a high-quality and efficient regional integrated medical cooperation system.

It portraits a model ofhospital investment and operation in social sector in China.



Hongci medical group actively implements the health China strategy, comprehensively distributes the whole industrial chain of medical services, withprofessional medical management as the core and modern medical equipment as the basis.

It has been exploring a new ecosystem of medical industry containing investment and financing, supply chain, informationization, logistics, centralized sterilization and supply, medical management college, doctor group, health insurance, health management and other relevant industries.